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​The City of Salem budget is presented in three volumes or books. Each book contains budgets for multiple departments or funds. A department is an organizational unit with programs and services aligned by a common goal or purpose. A fund is a set of accounts segregated for a specific purpose in accordance with laws, special restrictions, or limitations.

​Proposed budget

The proposed budget is reviewed by the Budget Committee during weekly public meetings in April and May. The committee recommends a budget to the City Council. The City is required to have a balanced budget adopted by the City Council prior to July 1. Find out more about how to get involved.

​Adopted budget

Adopted Budget Book 1 FY 2017-18Includes the City Manager's budget message, financial summaries, General Fund, and 16 other City funds
Adopted Budget Book 2 FY 2017-18Includes the Transportation Services Fund, Streetlight Fund, Utility Fund, and three funds supporting capital asset and improvement projects
Adopted Budget Book 3 FY 2017-18Includes the Urban Renewal Agency budget message, financial summaries, debt services, capital asset and improvement projects, and the Salem Convention Center

Purposes of the City budget

​The City of Salem budget is a legal document providing City authority to spend public money. The City budget is:

  • a one year financial plan based upon estimates for revenues and expenses
  • a guide to promote valid and accurate accounting, used by City Council, staff, and City auditors
  • a policy document that reflects the plans and priorities of the City and communicates these goals to the public

Oregon budget law

The budget is prepared in accordance with Oregon Budget Law, Chapter 294 and must be balanced. The law establishes standard procedures for preparing, presenting, and administering the budget. It defines the role of the Budget Committee. The law also requires citizen involvement in preparation of the budget and public disclosure of the budget before adoption by the City Council. Determined by law, the City operates on a fiscal year, beginning July 1 and ending June 30.

​Budget in brief

The budget in brief provides a consolidated, summary-level view of current funding for City services. View the budget in brief for FY 2017-18.

​Past adopted budgets

Adopted Budget Book 1 FY 2014-15
Adopted Budget Book 1 FY 2015-16
Adopted Budget Book 1 FY 2016-17
Adopted Budget Book 2 FY 2014-15
Adopted Budget Book 2 FY 2015-16
Adopted Budget Book 2 FY 2016-17
Adopted Budget Book 3 FY 2014-15
Adopted Budget Book 3 FY 2015-16
Adopted Budget Book 3 FY 2016-17

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